Shoes Njahkat

Flexible, elastic and waterproof offshore footwear. Anar Njahkat shoes are designed for typical Finnish terrain; foliage, bog and swamps. A special feature of the shoes are the significantly more elastic soles, which give a feeling like walking barefoot. The material and pattern of the outsole give a good grip on a variety of surfaces.

The boots protect the feet and allow the most natural movement possible. The boots are made of genuine leather, as light as possible and correspondingly elastic.

The unique design of Njahkat boots facilitates the silent movement that is so important for hunting and nature observation. You know what is going on under your feet and can control your steps correctly.

Anar Njahkat – the feeling when you feel the terrain beneath you.

  • Material: Upper made of genuine leather and suede, lining: 100% polyester, outsole: 100% rubber
  • Waterproof membrane
  • optimally padded

We recommend choosing a size smaller than usual.

Available EU-wide:

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