Anar – The northern child

A group of Finnish outdoor enthusiasts – hunters, fishermen and hikers – wanted products that were suitable for Finnish conditions and tailored just for them, at a reasonable price. The group shared a burning passion for nature, especially Finnish Lapland. Lake Inari and its surroundings were a huge source of inspiration – and it was there that the name for the products was conceived. Anar is the Sámi name for Lake Inari.

With the reindeer on its logos, the Anar trademark highlights Lapland. At first, the products mainly consisted of tents and backpacks, as well as items needed for outdoor activities. The samples of the first products were made by amateurs, without professional expertise but with a burning passion. The products worked and were discovered and embraced by outdoor enthusiasts.

Our Mission

Our most important missions are to lead and guide people in experiencing the outdoors, and to offer the right products to perfect the experience. We believe that when we spend more time in nature, we learn something that cannot be learned in an urban environment.

In order to learn, we need to get our mind off survival. We believe that our products enable you to feel safe enough outdoors to allow you to use time and your senses to observe nature and develop internal balance. We hope that the products we offer will allow you to get to places and situations that will produce lifelong memories. We want to be part of nature and your well-being.

Responsible product development

Anar’s product developers are united by one thing: a desire to live in and breathe a clean natural environment and appreciate every moment in nature.

Because nature is so important to Anar’s team, we also feel responsible for the environment. Our goal is to reduce the environmental impact of our products to a minimum. We do not make disposable items; our products are durable and sustainable. We try to make sure that the employees at the factories we use are able to work under good conditions and are treated appropriately.

We would not be who we are today without nature and the experiences it has given us. Let’s enjoy what the nature of our planet has to offer us together!

For demanding conditions

Our products are designed, developed and tested in northern Finland, which is one of the harshest climate regions in Europe. Product details are refined with outdoor enthusiasts who spend time in the wild. When a need is identified, the right product can be manufactured for it.


Our product developers know the outdoors and its conditions – and this is reflected in our products.  High-quality outdoor products are born out of passion and a burning love of nature – and from the experience of thousands of days spent at the mercy of the wild.

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