Anar Galda merinowool T-shirt

Anar Galda is a slim and comfortable ladies’ T-shirt made of merino wool. The material is 100%, 150 g merino wool. Soft and comfortable merino wool does not itch and dries quickly, but warms up even when wet. The merino wool T-shirt warms up in cold weather and effectively wicks moisture away from the skin.

Merino wool as a material is naturally antibacterial. Clothing made of merino wool does not necessarily have to be washed as often as man-made fibres. If you remember to air and dry merino wool clothes carefully after use, they will stay fresh even without washing.

  • Material: 100% lint-free merino wool
  • Weight: 150 g / m²
  • Washing instructions: Hand wash
  • Made in the EU, designed and tested in Finland

Available EU-wide:

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