Anar wooden mug with handle

Kuksa is ecological and easy-to-use. It need coffee fat –treatment to improve durability and prevent flavours to adsorb into the wood.


  • First: Pour coffee into the Kuksa and let it stay for 2minutes. Pour the coffee away and let the Kuksa dry for a couple of hours, so that pores of wood opens.
  • Second: Take a tablespoon of wet and warn coffee grounds and rub the strongly against Kuksa’s inner walls as long as coffee grounds are dryed. The fat of the coffee will absorb to open pores of wood and creates water-repellent film.
  • The film prevent Kuksa to get wet or dry and split, and it will prevent flavors to absorb to wooden material. That way treated wooden material will remain antibacterial and water is enough for cleaning. No chemicals needed.
  • Size of 2-finger Kuksa: width 8,5cm, volume 2dl
  • Size of Pink Kuksa: 13,5cm x 9,5cm x 9cm, volume 2,9dl

Available EU-wide:

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